Our Artists



A passion for enhancing the lives of others through the art of connection is what brought Heather to Tantrum over 20 years ago. After extensive master classes in NYC and other locations, she knew she could take on the opportunity to grow Tantrum Salon when she bought it from Mack. Her skill with custom color and seamless haircuts are how she has made her mark in the industry. She is also part of the Goldwell Design Team.

Level 5 Stylist


Mack is the former owner of Tantrum. After being the boss man for over 30 years, he is currently enjoying the chance to just focus on his loyal clientele.

Level 4 Stylist


Beth has been making magic at Tantrum for over 25 years. Her gift with hair is only outmatched by her gift with making someone’s day!

Level 3 Stylist


A stylist for over 15 years, Callie geeks out over all things hair. She is Tantrum’s resident product ingredient genius. Red and blonde hair are the only things she loves as much as her fur babies. She also loves the chance to get her hands into playful vivid colors, pixies and textured hair.

Level 3 stylist


Born a natural artist, her drive for excellence and growth have earned the respect of everyone on the team. It has also kept her in high demand as one of Tantrum’s experts in long hair, vivid color and extensions certified.

Level 3 Stylist


Kristen has been creating magic at Tantrum for 27 years. She loves laughing with her guests, becoming friends with them and helping them become more of their beautiful selves. She enjoys the creativity of cutting, styling and coloring hair.

Level 3 Stylist


Helping people refine unruly curls and teaching them how to work with them is one of Natalie’s specialites Ruby reds and vibrant violets bring her joy. At the end of the day, her greatest love is getting to know people. She loves hearing their stories while perfecting their hair.

Level 2 Stylist


Level 2 Stylist


With over 15 years experience in the industry she continues to stays up to date through continued education and product knowledge. Kylee seeks to provide an exceptional salon experience for every guest that sits in her chair and loves to make each one feel more confident and skilled in their home routine, loving the way they look. She is highly skilled: from adding pops of blonde or vibrant colors, to fades, layers and bringing the best out of curls! After work, she’s usually at one of her kids after school activities or getting ice cream with her husband after a busy day. 

Level 2 Stylist


: Blonding is Kenzie’s super power! She specializes in blended, customized, and lived in color. As well as extensions specialist. She finds so much joy in uplifting and empowering her guests, and grateful for every person who sits in her chair. The relationships and connections that she makes are something that she holds so dear to her, and she hopes her guests always leave feeling beautiful, energized, and with more confidence than they walked in with.

Level 1 Stylist


All aspects of hair design brings me to life. Caramel and chocolate colors, buttery blondes are my favorite looks to create.

Fun fact: ella es bilingue. !Habla español!

level 1 stylist


Cassandra has a personality that puts everyone to ease. Her ability to understand her guests and create the perfect look is a talent that comes very naturally. If you’re looking for a stylist for formal event hair, look no further!

Level 1 Stylist


Level 1 Stylist


Makeup, Lashes and All Things Aesthetics


Assistant Stylist


A great hair project is what keeps Cameron inspired and looking forward to the time when she can work on her own guests. The perfect blend and seamless natural colors are her favorite! Her goal is that each guest she works with feels beautiful on the inside and out.

Assistant Stylist


Katherine loves learning and being trained by experts in hair and is a big believer in continuing education. She loves spending time with clients and helping their transformations come to life!



Eden is one of the first faces you see when you walk in the door. Her goal is to be the first part of your wonderful time at Tantrum. She’s getting her undergrad at NAU and will continue on to law school. When she’s not at work, she’s hopping on a plane to see the world!